Posted by Crosstown Slo-pitch League on May 03 2016 at 12:14AM PDT in Spring 2016

Coaches: re: TeamPages & SPN
• Do not set up a team outside of the league…
All new coaches received an email asking them to setup their account.
TeamPages: Old teams – go to your team in your division – Div B, C or D & add or delete players… simply add the name & email of the new players & they will automatically get an email to reply .
New teams – your team with a corresponding generic logo should be in the division already with 2 coach’s names added .. just add your player’s names & email addresses and they will then receive an email from TeamPages to reply to.

TeamPages & SPN: be sure to have registered all your players – regular & subs – on both TeamPages & SPN & do it only from the emails you or your players have received from them…
Winning teams are to register their win & the scores online on their Team page on TeamPages. An App is also available so teams can enter their scores & the win immediately. The standings will be updated automatically as well..
Coaches can find the OPEN fields available for make-up games on the * “Open Field Times”* link in the middle bar of the Home page on TeamPages.

Reminder: At the field – Umpires have been instructed not to start a game if 1/ all bases are not 2-spiked 2/ any alcohol is visible and 3/ any illegal bats are not removed