Sunday division

Posted by Crosstown Slo-pitch League on Sep 23 2018 at 06:19PM PDT in Spring 2018

To all Rec D coaches: to update any rumours you may have heard …. Rec D will live but with a few changes….

As a result of many years of modifications and cut-backs and continual field deletions due to tournaments, playoffs etc with our Sunday division at Gordon Park, it has become very difficult to guarantee 2 games every Sunday. Add to that the loss of 3 or 4 long weekends and teams asking for camping/ wedding weekends off and the frustrations of Mother’s Day & Father’s Day … etc etc Therefore, we will be adjusting this division to the following:

- 3 games every 2 weeks; no long weekend games; early May to mid- August schedule (same as Rec B & C)
- Teams may choose to play Friday nights at 6:45pm and/or Saturday 12- 4pm and/or Sunday 12- 8 pm fields – your choice of 2 days.. ie Friday & Saturdays / Sundays or Sat & Sundays
- Note: some double-headers on Sundays may be scheduled if times & dates allow … and they should (we’ll keep S. memorial & Gordon Pk NE)
- Still SPN umpired with 18 league games & minimum 2 playoff games
- Same SPN rules; probably same league fees as last 5 years …

So the big thing is breaking up the ALL Sunday double-headers… other than that things are pretty much the same.
We have very good Friday night fields; can book 1 or 2 very good fields on Saturday afternoons & we’ll keep S Memorial & Gordon Pk NE 1-8 pm on Sundays … teams may also opt to play a weekday night & a Sat or Sunday game … open for many variables…

Please talk with your assistants & team members & as usual we’ll email everyone in early Feb 2019 and the 1st meeting & registration will be late Feb/ early March…