Posted by Crosstown Slo-pitch League on Jun 17 2020 at 07:28PM PDT in 2020

To all coaches: AS at June 29/2020 we have our SPN Insurance & registration! Coaches may now add players & VPB permit pending. Will put both on web asap.
As at June 27th all teams have at least 10 ACTIVE players on the SPN roster so please DO NOT add any more players until we given the green light – meaning we have Insurance . If you do then they will be pending & hold up the process!

We will email all coaches at that time & then coaches can ADD new players.
Today is Jun 25 2020 & we may have games Thurs Jul 2nd OK we have a GO!! but this could change!! today is Jun 25 2020 & we may have games Thurs Jul 2nd
At this date we need to feel out our 2020 teams and see where we go from here… Vancouver is now a go at July 1st but awaits BC phase 3 ok from the BC Gov … . VPB still not sure about washrooms or POP’s or cleaning or garbage etc etc Burnaby Parks backtracking & may open in July!!
Understand that we must let the VPB know about fields asap and that we probably will only have fields to Aug 13th the same as every year UNLESS other user groups do NOT book their usual fields in August… and that all BC Gov/ City Vcr/VSUA/SPN covid rules (to follow) must be adhered to …
Note too that Montgomery Field is closed for summer renovations .. and as lately we may lose Strathcona altogether!!! At this point everything is in the air & on hold… everyone I have talked to very frustrated with all the red tape, uncertainty and excessive guidelines.
VSUA also have Covid guidelines that state basically Umpires do not contact anything!
No Rec B, Rec C1 – 9 teams, C2 – 5 teams and Rec D – 9 teams.

2020 Season: We can go ahead with a shortened ½ season – 8 league games weekdays & playoffs:

Rec C will play weekdays 2 games per week – Monday to Fridays – the weeks of July 2 & 3rd (1 game) to July 30th (4 weeks) and playoffs from Aug 4th to 10th or 12th possibly nightly .. I will also try to extend this a week…
Rec D will be on Sundays July 5,12,19 & 26th and playoffs on Sunday, Aug 9th… at TBA
maybe Gordon Pk

Regardless of options we will need to know if you are NOT in this year or get at least $500 by June 20th and you are in … the full amount of fees by TBA … best by E-Interac but cash or checks accepted by a meet-up…
League fees would include SPN Umpires for all games, fields, 5 game balls, SPN insurance ($95) & rule books and admission to our TeamPages App.
We need to know asap if your team is NOT in… otherwise will expect at least the $500 by June 20th… note also we have 2 outside- our- league teams on hold wanting to play … it may come down to first paid, first in

All Rec C & D teams – new & old – have a $100 team bond for 2020.
Umpires (VSUA) also have Covid guidelines in place & basically will be NO contact with anything – including balls & bats.

Notes: Also we will go with a 36" by 24" mat or the SPN 40” by 22” rubber mat at home instead of the Home Plate for this year. Can be black or yellow. Umpires will need this to make calls at Home easier – as Umps aren’t sure where they will be situated at Home! I’m sure all teams will have lotsa wipes, toiletries and perhaps gloves for sharing bats and will have read the league, BC Gov & SPN Covid-19 guidelines.

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