Mon Jun 28 2021

Posted by Crosstown Slo-pitch League on Jun 27 2021 at 06:10PM PDT

Rec C and D playoff schedules now on the web > Documents.

Coaches – sometimes the schedule on the Home page is better than on the Division page … pls check both .. all Standings seem to be correct ..

Please check all results in league standings as we get closer to the playoffs.

For Playoffs – Coaches – please ensure all players are SPN registered and therefore insured and registered with both SPN and Crosstown.. players NOT SPN registered are both illegal to play and NOT insured… this is a coach’s responsibility.

In playoffs winning team to email/call Mike with results… NOTE – Home team does NOT bat at bottom of the 7th (or last inning) if ahead. Both teams should keep accurate scores . Criteria for playoff games to advance are on the web and have been sent to all coaches.

Home team is always highest from league standings and cannot opt to be visitors. Home team to set up equipment.