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Posted by Crosstown Slo-pitch League at May 3, 2016 12:14AM PDT

Coaches: re: TeamPages & SPN
• Do not set up a team outside of the league…
All new coaches received an email asking them to setup their account.
TeamPages: Old teams – go to your team in your division – Div B, C or D & add or delete players… simply add the name & email of the new players & they will automatically get an email to reply .
New teams – your team with a corresponding generic logo should be in the division already with 2 coach’s names added .. just add your player’s names & email addresses and they will then receive an email from TeamPages to reply to.

TeamPages & SPN: be sure to have registered all your players – regular & subs – on both TeamPages & SPN & do it only from the emails you or your players have received from them…
Winning teams are to register their win & the scores online on their Team page on TeamPages. An App is also available so teams can enter their scores & the win immediately. The standings will be updated automatically as well..
Coaches can find the OPEN fields available for make-up games on the * “Open Field Times”* link in the middle bar of the Home page on TeamPages.

Reminder: At the field – Umpires have been instructed not to start a game if 1/ all bases are not 2-spiked 2/ any alcohol is visible and 3/ any illegal bats are not removed

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SPN registration

Posted by Crosstown Slo-pitch League at May 2, 2016 2:47PM PDT

READ AS THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT…. The SPN registration is to be done asap as games begin week of May 2nd … ACT ONLY ON THE EMAIL SENT TO YOU BY SPN!! DO NOT GO TO THE WEB PAGE & REGISTER FROM THERE….

Coaches: the short SPN guide is under documents to help with the online SPN registration & insurance. This is a very important process and a requirement as it the player’s registration with SPN and their insurance agreement; basically 3rd person coverage. Gone are the days of signing papers the coach had to carry around & hand-in/hand-out meetings. Also these rosters serve as the official Crosstown league & will be printed on June 1st/2016.
All players playing any league & playoff games – subs or regulars- must be registered & become “active”. This is an SPN requirement. You may register as many players as you want & need.
To help…

• Coaches to respond to SPN email & remove members not playing this year & add new players – names & emails.. all teams are online & new teams have been registered by Mike/Lorri
Players to respond ONLY to SPN emails … they will be pending & later become “active”
• Coaches – if a change is from a player to a team contact or vice versa – remove said player & register again as “ team contact” or “secondary contact” or just a player but none as a COACH! (SPN no like)
• Teams are to have 2 contact players registered (as team contact or secondary) .. all players playing – regular & subs are to be registered
• Most of the upper info is irrelevant to SPN & our league ie coed A,B,C,D or E level, ID SPN #s, provincial/national info
• If further glitches, problems please call Lorri at SPNBC at 604 465 5612

The Guide is also an attachment in Documents on the Crosstown Home web page.

The Crosstown Slo-Pitch League

REMINDER: Members should only ever have 1 SPN profile that they use

Lorri McAuley,
Regional Administrator

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Rainouts/ rescheduling games

Posted by Crosstown Slo-pitch League at Apr 27, 2016 4:42PM PDT
Monday to Friday games: Rec B & C - For a missing umpire at game time call VSUA 604.525.3094 (usually Sandy)

- For rainouts or game postponements email OR text Bob 604.908.2973
- After call for rainouts or game postponements- email & call 604 874 7158 to reschedule

Weekend & Tournament games: Rec D – Call Pat/ Sandy VSUA 604.525.3094.